C’mon, you and I both know that there is no magic pill that will make you popular, famous and beloved by all. But what we often forget is how powerful outdoor advertising can really be. Why, with just a few billboards, you can be the talk of the town in 30 days or less.

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On March 7, 2011, Adams Outdoor Advertising posted a billboard campaign to illustrate the effectiveness of the
medium. Without promoting a website on a single ad, we saw staggering results. The moral of the story? Contact information doesn’t drive results, and evocative creative persuades people to seek out your brand.

Total Hits

Reachemol Total Hits

Hits By Week

Reachemol Hits By Week

Top 10 Traffic Sources

Google Search: 33,664
Direct Hits: 9,724
The Hangline: 3,319
Facebook: 3,206
Yahoo Search: 1,918
Bing Search: 1,409
Reddit: 1,124
Yahoo Answers: 207
Facebook Mobile: 199
AOL Search: 111

Mobile Devices

26,309 Visitors from Mobile Devices (a staggering 45% of the total hits)

  • Android Phones: 11,971
  • iPhones: 10,286
  • Blackberry Phones: 2,235
  • iPad: 820
  • iPod: 755
  • Windows Mobile Phones: 86

Eyes On Data

Some Eyes On statistics are available on the market results pages on the navigation bar above. If you want to get extremely nerdy about this information, download the full PDF spreadsheet.

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