REACHEMOL™ (popularitus maximol) is the only prescription medicine clinically
proven to treat Deficient Popularity Disorder (DPD). In all but the most severe of cases,
REACHEMOL™ will increase your popularity so much that people will actually like you,
instead of shunning you like an Old Testament leper.


REACHEMOL™ is a prescription
medicine used to:

• Increase popularity
• Boost self-esteem
• Become more attractive to the opposite sex
• Win elections
• Sway juries
• Weasel your way back into the will

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See how Reachemol™ has changed lives.

Success Photos

You, too, can have adoring fans without any apparent talent, skill or good looks.
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Common side effects of REACHEMOL™ are:
• Narcissism
• Justin Bieber
• Pregnancy
• High blood pressure, cholesterol and self-esteem
• Blindness associated with Paparazzi attacks
• Sexual Exhaustion

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Only take REACHEMOL™ as directed by your doctor. But if your doctor won't prescribe it, click here for a list of shady, Carribbean Med School graduates in your area who will be happy to prescribe you anything you want. Sure, they may not be proud, but hey, they're workin'. And they took a Hippocratic oath the same as any other doctor.
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